Mattress Cleaning Johannesburg

If you want your mattresses cleaned and sanitized but don’t want to pay a lot of money, then we can help. Our Johannesburg technicians are leaders in the industry, delivering customer satisfaction with our first-rate cleaning system.

Our Johannesburg experts suggest you clean your mattresses every six months, to eliminate dust mites, bacteria and bed bugs. This will help reduce allergies in your home such eczema and asthma while making your bedding smell and feel like new.

mattress sanistising JohannesburgWe use the latest available machinery incorporating a hot water extraction system that both cleans and dries your mattress at the same time. Eco-friendly and non-toxic detergents get rid of bacteria deep within the material and kills dust mites while getting rid of marks and stubborn dirts that  have accumulated over time. Strong suction removes dirt, fungus and deodorises, thoroughly cleansing and sanitizing your mattress.

We are also expert stain removers and can get rid any blemishes and marks like urine. Our Joburg technicians can also offer advice and choose the appropriate chemicals for different fabrics and for different types of spillages.

Our mattress cleaning system includes:

  • pre-treating
  • steam cleaning
  • high-grade detergents
  • extract
  • deodorizing

Our mattress cleaners look after your home and belongings. With rapid drying times you can soon experience the difference.

Whether it is an emergency or a standard inquiry, call us now on: 011 568 1345

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